2024 Tour Dates
New York: September 3rd, 4th, 5th
Colorado: October 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Learn From a Pro

Throughout the course, you'll have the privilege of learning from a seasoned trader, sharing his unique insights and experiences.



Gain exclusive access to the same trading tools and software used by JTrader himself and his successful mentees.


In Depth Training

This program offers a holistic approach to trading, covering everything from fundamentals to advanced strategies.

unlock Your Full Potential in 3 Days!

Explore the world of stock trading from the inside each day with JTrader! This unique experience lets you step into the shoes of a seasoned trading mentor, gaining valuable insights into every facet of a trader's day.

  • ​ Industry Insights: Get up-close and personal with JTrader who has decades of experience in trading.
  • ​Practical Application: Put your knowledge to work using the same tools as JTrader and his successful mentees.
  • ​ Real-Time Analysis: Learn to make data-driven decisions with cutting-edge software.
  • ​Fundamental Knowledge: Build a strong foundation with comprehensive training materials.
  • ​Risk Management: Master the art of risk mitigation and portfolio management.

Guest Speakers

Throughout the duration of this comprehensive course, you'll enjoy an exclusive privilege – the chance to acquire valuable insights from a diverse array of seasoned experts. These professionals will provide in-depth discussions about the very same trading tools that are at the core of JTrader's own successful trading practices, and which he generously imparts to his mentees, helping them on their journey toward trading excellence.

  • Cobra Trading, brokerage partner, offers a range of exceptional benefits:​
  • ​Specialized trading routes
  • ​Competitive low fees
  • ​​​Lightening fast executions​
  • ​​​Versatile trading platforms and more...​
  • Edge to Trade, our cutting-edge trading tool, it empowers you with:
  • Customizable scanners
  • Comprehensive watchlists
  • Dynamic charts
  • ​​Capability to perform rigorous back-testing, and more...
  • TraderSync, advanced trading assistant, it equips you with:
  • ​Comprehensive trade journaling
  • Insightful pattern identification
  • Performance optimization
  • ​​​Risk-free simulated trading, and more...
  • TradingSim, your innovative trading companion, offering you:
  • Realistic experience
  • Confidence building
  • Replay historical markets
  • ​​​Risk-free simulated trading, and more..
  • Bookmap, your advanced market insight tool, providing you:

  • Advanced order flow analysis
  • Hidden liquidity insights
  • Real-time volume tracking
  • ​​​Diverse broker connectivity, and more...

About your Mentor

Meet JTrader: 20 Years of Trading Mastery and Mentorship

JTrader's journey spans two decades, evolving from Italian stocks to U.S. equities. His story is one of resilience, learning from failures, and mentoring traders.

In 1999, he started trading Italian stocks and covered warrants, fueled by familial inspiration. The first year was a rollercoaster of wins and losses, but he sought mastery.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Michele Pertile, he decoded market nuances. By 2000, JTrader traded full-time, introducing his proprietary JLines indicators.

Diversifying into futures and forex, he traded until 2011. A sabbatical led him to real estate. In 2016, he returned, focusing on U.S. markets and small-cap stocks, leading to the creation of 'SmallCapRoom.'

But JTrader's journey isn't just about personal success. It's about giving back. He's mentored countless traders, guiding them through the ups and downs of the trading world. His mentorship isn't just about making successful trades; it's about instilling resilience, discipline, and the spirit of continuous learning.

SmallCapRoom isn't just a trading community; it's a family that learns, trades, and celebrates success together, all under the mentorship of JTrader, a true trading luminary.



Trading Insights


Real Reviews


Trading Lessons




Decades of experience:

JTrader brings over two decades of trading experience to the table, providing a wealth of knowledge to draw from.


Proven success:

JTrader's track record of consistent success in trading showcases his proficiency in navigating the markets and delivering results.


Passion for teaching:

JTrader has a genuine passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge, making his mentorship engaging and insightful.


Community and family:

Beyond mentorship, JTrader has fostered a close-knit trading community, reinforcing the idea that learning, trading, and celebrating successes are best done together, creating a sense of belonging and fellowship.




We've crafted a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond trading techniques. In addition to our mentorship sessions, you can look forward to engaging group activities. These provide networking opportunities and collaborative learning.

To cap it off, we'll host a sophisticated farewell cocktail party. It's a chance to celebrate your journey, build professional connections, and reflect on our shared experiences




Are accommodations included?

Regrettably, our offering does not include accommodations as part of the package. However, we are more than happy to assist you in finding suitable lodging arrangements tailored to your preferences and needs.


What if I can't attend? 

In the event that your attendance becomes challenging, you have the option to seek a suitable replacement. Alternatively, if there is an individual on our waiting list eagerly anticipating an opportunity, we would be delighted to extend your spot to them.


Who can attend?

Our trading event is open to everyone from all trading backgrounds, including those with no experience. We are dedicated to building an inclusive trading community where individuals can actively engage, learn, and contribute, benefiting from the knowledge and insights of JTrader.

jtrader mentorship 

Previous Mentees

Brian Ross, CA

I had an amazing experience with Jtrader - took his mentorship program for a year. Tons of videos and one-on-one meetings. He was always super professional and willing to listen and help at any point in the day. Highly recommend. I got hired by Seven Points Capital shortly after my tenure in Small Caps Room - which, in my opinion, was a direct reflection of his teachings.

Ashley Jarvis, GB

I've been in the JTrader community for about 2 years now and have made some decent progress (no longer a losing trader) using the first level of content. Now stepping up to mentoring and this is next level stuff.
Really impressed with the quality of content and material BUT most importantly real time with JTrader daily, getting a plan tailored for me, lessons, homework and daily feedback on my trades and analysis.
Highly recommend!

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© 2022 JTRADER - All rights reserved